Our mission, objectives and values

The Regional AEO Association was established in October 2021 and launched in December 2021.

  • Our mission is to support with the operational realization of AEO Programmes’ benefits and progress in the region for our members, at both national and regional levels


  • Our strategic objective is to contribute to the regional economic competitiveness and trade facilitation agenda in the CEFTA region.


  • Our specific objectives are to:
    • Facilitate the cooperation and dialogue between the authorized economic operators in the region to discuss the state of AEO Programmes in the region from a private sector perspective and to find innovative solutions to identified challenges/solutions
    • Foster the cooperation between AEOs and Customs at regional level as well as with other governmental agencies
    • Conduct and coordinate benchmarking, research and innovation efforts in the area of AEO and trade facilitation
    • Represent the Members and their interests related to the AEO Programmes at national and regional levels
    • Formulate evidence-based and research-based position papers and policy recommendations to governments and regional bodies to advance the AEO Programmes at national and regional levels
    • Provide training and advisory support to AEOs and AEO applicants
    • Promote the concept of the AEO Programmes throughout the region.


  • Our values are collaboration, equality and transparency.

Our Structure

Our Structure:

  • Our association is headed by an elected President.
  • The administrative and technical tasks of the association are undertaken by the Secretariat.


Our membership: Membership to the Regional AEO Association is voluntary and is open to:

  • Any AEOs in the CEFTA region.
  • Any economic operator that supports the AEO programme and is considering applying to the AEO programme in the region.


Each Member must appoint a representative and an alternate representative to the AEO Association. Both representatives must have decision-making authority, whereby they can vote on behalf of their organization.

Our President​

Ms. Tijana Stevanovic was elected as President of the Regional AEO Association in October 2021, for a 2-year term. As a specialized internal auditor for Red Sped DOOEL, Tijana has extensive experience in organizational design, human resource management, corporate safety and security matters as well as human resource management and organizational design. , HR, and organizational design. Tijana is passionate about business cooperation and facilitating public-private dialogue.

“By helping businesses obtain and maintain their AEO status, we help them become the best version of themselves. Through the AEO Association, we will aim to champion the AEO Programme concept and support with the realization of AEO benefits across the region”.

Our Secretariat​

The Secretariat is currently operated through the Open Regional Fund for South – East Europe – Foreign Trade, which is supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) commissioned by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). It is composed of a team of international and regional experts.