Welcome to the regional AEO Association website! The regional AEO Association, a private sector group, brings together authorized economic operators and AEO champions in South-East Europe to discuss and advance AEO programmes in the region. It provides the most effective platform for public-private partnership on AEO matters in the region to foster AEO cooperation and ensure that AEO programmes deliver the expected benefits and keep relevant across the years.

Unleashing Collaborative Partnerships in the Digital Era

High Level Conference on Regional Trade Facilitation

08 – 09 November 2023 / Tirana, Albania


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The AEO Association members elected Board of Directors

The AEO Association, representing businesses in the CEFTA economies regarding the regional Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) agenda, elected Board of Directors on its inaugural quarterly meeting of 2024. The newly elected members include Genc Celi, business consultant; Goran Cerovina, NELT Bosnia And Herzegovina; Olgica Nakova, Translog Express; Dragana Stajovic, Neregelia; Betim Kryeziu, Golden Eagle; and Jovan Mutavdžić, 2B Logistics.

The election of the AEO Association President is scheduled for the upcoming month, to be chosen by the Board of Directors, who will serve as the Association's representative in the years ahead.


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