Skopje’s Redsped transformation

More business and less problems, is what most of the companies in North Macedonia and the region expect. One such company, Redsped, has gone through a series of restructuring to meet the requirements that foreign investors pose, when trying to connect with Southeastern Europeans and partner with them.

International trade has not always been easy!

Companies from Southeast Europe have traditionally been trading across the region and are willing to further explore business opportunities. Such company is Redsped from Skopje, a freight forwarder, transport and warehousing company.

To meet up the challenge and enhance their prospects for international trade, it collaborates with other companies supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). Together, they aim to establish a conducive operating environment within the region and aspire to expand their operations across the European Union in the future.

The concept of an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), based on the Customs-to-Business partnership, was a milestone Redsped set. The company obtained their AEO status in 2021, and their general manager, Mr. Igor Gjorgjievski says that this was a requirement for them to be able to further expand their operations to other markets.” All of the foreign companies that come to North Macedonia require that we have this high-level certificate“.

As an AEO company, Redsped has met a range of safety and security criteria with the Customs Authorities, to enhance its role in the international supply chain.

“The possession of this certificate makes us, in a way, a partner to the Customs Administration, with regards to the safety and the trust that is being built between us,” Gjorgjievski recognizes.

Redsped is an active member of the AEO Association, established through the project with aim to support the companies from the region in their international trade, and Tijana Stefanovic, Redsped’s Advisor and President of the Association, actively contributes to the Association’s growth and the identification of key priorities for eliminating trade barriers. According to Tijana, Redsped has experienced internal growth and development, which has added significant value to the company. “Internally Redsped has gained more value, since it has developed as a company”, adds Tijana.

She further underlines: “The certificate provides you with an opportunity to become a better company, in absolutely every aspect. Being well-organized and having clear roles helps us work more efficiently “.

Since they obtained the AEO certificate, Redsped has spent less time in clearing goods and gained partnership with Customs, as a benefit from its status. Likewise, the company’s logistical services have become safer and simpler in the international supply chain. 

This article was produced with the financial support of the European Union and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Its contents are the sole responsibility of GIZ and do not necessarily reflect the views of the EU or the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).