Translog Express’s ‘Logistics with passion’

Heading: There’s no difficulty or obstacles for Translog Express team, who talk passionately about their endeavours in coping with dynamic changes of today’s business world. 

“Logistics with passion”!

This is how Translog Express, a Skopje-based company describes its role in the international supply and trade chain!

Through their unwavering commitment to integrity and honesty, a group of young and dedicated female professionals consistently strives to progress, maintains a relentless pursuit of knowledge, and remains resolutely distinct.

“In order to come closer to the work principles of the EU, we have decided to implement the standards needed for the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate in our company”, says Olgica Nakova, Operations Supervisor and AEO Lead Person at Translog Express and adds: “Complying with the EU procedures also provides an opportunity for faster flow of goods in the supply chain, as well as quality service to all clients who require our transportation services.”

The company provides services to the automotive industry, and has a long list of partner companies, who do business and value ‘accuracy and precision’. 

Translog Express has got the AEO status in 2021, to foster businesses and reduce trade barriers in the WB6.

“By obtaining the AEO status, we brought it to everyone’s knowledge that we are willing to adhere to all rules and regulations, in our country and abroad”, says Nakova. 

As such, this North Macedonian company now provides services like air-cargo transport, truck-container transport, truck door-to-door and container door-to-door transport.

Since the AEO project is still at its early phase, Translog Express hopes that through the AEO Association, the trade barriers in the region will be better recognised and later even solved. The company is also a member of the AEO Association, through which they tend to push for easier trade in the region and overcoming administrative obstacles. 

In the world of logistics, Translog Express embodies passion and innovation. Their AEO certification shows their dedication to adhering to the highest standards and regulations. By providing top-tier services Translog Express is the go-to choice for handling valuable shipments in Europe and beyond.


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